AVONFT - NFT token created in ERC-1155 format. Each AVONFT token has its own unique identifier and cannot be replaced with another token. This makes each token special and unique, which appeals to collectors and art lovers.

For authors, AVONFT has a royalty paid to the creator each time NFT is sold over time.

The value of AVONFT:

  • Financial - involves an interest in acquiring and owning the property in order to generate profits:

    • generating speculative profits,

    • receiving a share of the project's distributed profits,

    • receiving the interest charged for holding the token,

    • receiving a reward for staking.

  • Collective - involves acquiring an object both out of a personal interest in owning a unique object, and out of an interest in increasing the value of the unique object over time.

  • Social - this implies an interest in purchasing an object for the purpose of financial participation in social projects, the proceeds or part of the proceeds from the sale of which go to fund them as collectibles that have social value. By purchasing AVONFT, you become a participant in social projects, and a part of the proceeds from the sale of AVONFT goes to fund them. Thus, the purchase of AVONFT is not only an investment in a collectible object, but it also supports socially important projects. This makes AVONFT a valuable asset that can bring not only financial benefits, but also the satisfaction of participating in socially important projects.

  • Corporate:

    • access to community AVOUNIVERSE,

    • access to events,

    • access to private clubs,

    • access to exclusive services.

  • Personal implies an interest in acquiring the object based on the right to personal interaction with the author of the NFT.

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