• AVONFT ART – NFT Marketplace - digital copies and originals of works by artists, musicians, designers, and other creative professions.

  • AVONFT Sport – NFT marketplace of collectible athlete cards, digital certificates of sports organizations, fan communities, ticket and season ticket sales.

  • AVONFT Design – NFT marketplace of copyright for architectural projects and designs.

  • AVONFT Games – NFT marketplace of cyber gaming objects.

  • AVONFT Fashion - NFT marketplace for tokenization of fashion brands and clothing designs.

  • AVONFT - Web3 application for creating and selling a variety of unique digital assets and NFTs within the AVOUNIVERSE ecosystem.

  • AVONFT Travel - Web3 application for tokenization of services in the travel industry, as well as for booking travel and tours that can be paid for with tokens AVO.

  • AVONFT Health - Web3 app for a healthy lifestyle organization that will reward participants for healthy lifestyles and physical achievements with tokens AVO.

  • AVONFT Studio - marketing agency that will help participants create and promote their projects.

  • AVO Legal - legal component of the AVOUNIVERSE project, which is responsible for the development and implementation of the regulatory framework for the platform and the relationship of project participants.

  • AVO Charity - a project for the social application of blockchain technology for the equitable distribution of charitable aid.

  • AVO Fund - fund to finance various projects and initiatives related to Web3 solutions.

  • AVO Finance – a project to create digital financial institutions, such as: a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, NFT-bank, smart quick-loan contracts and other Web3 financial instruments.

  • AVO Academy - an educational platform where participants can gain knowledge and skills in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other innovative technologies. Online courses, webinars, and other educational events will be held here.

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