AVOCADO BLOCKCHAIN GROUP (AVOBG) implements a project to create a multidimensional and multipurpose virtual space AVOUNIVERSE based on modern and promising blockchain tools in the Web3 Internet environment.

Web3 is a next-generation Internet development concept based on the idea of decentralization. It is assumed that in the Web3 era people will not only become full owners of their content, but also may not disclose their personal data, and the Internet itself will become more open and secure.

AVOBG is at the intersection of law and technology. The project is implemented with reference to international and local legal regulation of relations between subjects of blockchain environment.

AVOUNIVERSE project is creating a Web3 ecosystem, which includes a network of AVONFT marketplaces that form an object environment, AVOUNIVERSE - digital virtual spaces that fully correspond to real-world objects, and AVOSAPIENS - digital avatars of real people.

The tool for accessing the AVOUNIVERSE ecosystem and a means of determining the exchange equivalents of the ecosystem's intrinsic values is the AVOCADO BG (AVO) service token.

Designers, artists, musicians, poets, architects, lawyers and realtors, athletes and photographers and many others can take full advantage of modern WEB3 technology, using the AVOCADO BLOCKCHAIN GROUP.

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