Business model: AVOUNIVERSE

Business Description: an NFT marketplace ecosystem - to sell NFT art, sports assets and fashion accessories and apparel collections.

  1. Target audience: crypto-enthusiasts, NFT-art collectors, sports fans, fashion bloggers and fashion fans, etc.

  2. Major competitors: Rarible, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, NBA Top Shot, Fashion Coin, etc.

  3. Unique offer:

    a) relationship between the project participants, state and public structures, based on the norms of international law, the norms of local legislation and linked to the regulations of the project AVOUNUVERSE.

    b) exclusive NFT collections from renowned artists, athletes and designers.

    c) ability to purchase unique assets and access exclusive content.

  4. Monetisation:

    1. Marketplace commission on sales of crypto-assets.

    2. Sale of NFT collections and assets.

    3. Paid subscriptions for fashion bloggers and fans.

    4. Auctioning unique NFT collections for sale.

    5. Marketing services provided by the project.

    6. Revenue from advertising on project platforms.

  5. Key metrics:

    a) number of users,

    b) sales volume,

    c) NFT collection and asset ranking.

  6. Key resources:

    a) technical platforms for selling NFT and NFT collections,

    b) content from well-known artists, athletes and designers,

    c) development team,

    d) marketing team.

  7. Key partners:

    a) crypto exchanges and the cryptocommunity,

    b) public and media personalities (famous artists, athletes and designers, etc.) to create exclusive NFT collections, bloggers and fashion fans to promote the platform.

  8. Key activities:

    1. Developing and improving the technical platform for selling NFT collections and assets.

    2. Creating exclusive NFT collections of art, sports assets and fashion accessories and apparel from renowned artists, athletes and designers.

    3. Advertising campaigns and affiliate programmes to attract new users and expand the audience.

    4. Analysis of data and statistics to optimise the platform and improve the user experience.

    5. Establishing clear rules for the use of the platform and protection of intellectual property rights.

    6. AVOUNIVERSE platform development AVONFT ART for selling NFT art collections, AVONFT Sport for selling NFT sports asset collections and AVONFT Fashion for selling NFT fashion accessories and clothing collections.

    7. Organise paid subscriptions for fashion bloggers and fans, providing access to exclusive content and collections on the platform.

    8. Auctioning unique NFT collections and assets.

    9. Expanding the business into other areas of art, sport and fashion, such as creating NFT collections for music or selling NFT collections of sports teams.

    10. Developing partnerships with renowned artists, athletes and designers to create exclusive NFT collections.

    11. Introduction of a rating system for NFT collections and assets, which will increase trust in the platform and increase the number of users.

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